Simutrans is open-source software, as some graphics paks and some objects from freeware paksets are. We receive contributions from people all around the world, from ideas, to translations and drawings to code snippets.

Thanks to this community of volunteers Simutrans evolved and became this great project full of possibilities. Notable volunteers won an eternal place in Simutrans history being thanked in a lot of places in the game.

You can also be a volunteer contributor, the community is open for your ideas.


The Simutrans source code is maintained by a team of coders, they include the code patches they and others make to the main code. They ensure the code is good and safe to be included and that it complies with the Simutrans concept. They will probably help you a lot when coding.

If you're interested in helping the code, start downloading the latest code from our SVN or Git. The Simutrans code has written documentation explaining how some stuff works. Also, lots of new patches are discussed before implementation and you can help those codes or get help with your own code. All these can be found in the development section of our forum.

Simutrans is written in C++, and the current development stage source code can be obtained via subversion, git or zipped.


Thanks to Volker Meyer for his design of the "Simutrans Pakfile System", you can easily extend Simutrans with new vehicles, buildings, industries, roads, goods types and other game objects. It is simple and quite satisfying to see one of your own creations running in Simutrans.

Our wiki has a lot of info explaining the creation of addons. Additionally, at the Simutrans forum there are many helpful people, who will answer to your question on the creation of objects.


Simutrans can be translated to many languages and you can help translate it to your language. Some language boards at our forum have threads made especially for discussing translations. If your language doesn't have one, you can create a new thread at that sub-board or start a discussion at the Translation and Help Texts board.

New players will always need texts to help them play and create new addons for Simutrans. That's why Simutrans has a wiki with lot of articles that can be created, extended and translated. All you have to do is go to the Simutrans Tikiwiki and start working, you don't need to be registered to edit some pages, but for better control and receiving credits we recommend having an account.