Simutrans 124.1

We are sorry, Simutrans is not available for your platform.

Check below for the supported platforms.

Create the transport network you dream of, the way you want it to be.

Simutrans is free and will always be.

Simutrans is a modular game and these packages only contain the game engine, so head to the paksets page to check and download the ones you would like to play with.

Simutrans is also available on Steam. Get it now for Windows, Linux & Mac.

Other platforms

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are versions for debugging and testing. Those are built automatically every day with the latest code from the development repository.

They may contain changes which would make your savegames unreadable by any official version, or bugs that would destroy your game, or they may not even run at all. Use them at your own risk.

In case you want to use it anyway, remember to report any bugs you find.

Makeobj 60.7

Makeobj is a command line tool to create new objects for Simutrans. It joins image and data files into a single optimised pak-file that Simutrans can understand.

Download makeobj