Brand Guidelines

Hey there, here are some guidelines to help you use our logo to identify us. Below we highlight the best ways to use our logo.

All logos here should only identify official Simutrans, using it to identify something else would cause too much confusion. Also please don't use these logos in a way that suggests endorsement or support by us, that would also cause confusion. And it's not a good idea to use modified logos if you would like to identify anything from official Simutrans.

The name Simutrans should be capitalised and not used in the possessive way, use it as an adjective. Simutrans's or Simutrans' should not be used.

Logo Usage

The coloured versions should be used only on plain colour backgrounds. If your background is not a plain colour, use a monochrome version, or use the squared logo, or add an overlay that enhances enough the contrast.

Example: Use the coloured logos over white background and the white monochrome version over a screenshot of the game.

If the background colour clashes with a colour of the logo use the correct monochrome version.

Example: Don't use the coloured logo over a blue background that is similar to the logo blue colour. You could use the black monochrome over this same blue background.

If the logo has to be small, like less than 50 px / 40 pt / 1,4 cm / 0,6 in, either use only the typography or the squared logo.

Example: Don't use the full logo if it's too small. You can use the square logo for such uses.

You can modify the border radius of the square logo, even up to a full circle.

Example: You can add round corners in the square logo and making it a circle logo is also accepted.

It's best to leave a space around the logo of 150% of the area around the logo. But a minimum of 120% is also enough.

Example: A spacing of 150% space makes it less poluted and visible.


The fonts used in the Simutrans logos are, Roadgeek 2005 Series EM for the word 'Simutrans', and Roadgeek 2005 Blend E5W for the word 'Nightly'. All these fonts are available in the Roadgeek package for download at MikeTheActuary.

Logo Download