Transport Anything by Some Mean

Simutrans lets you transport from passengers and mail to raw materials and consumer products through any mean of transportation. Each pakset offers a set of land, air and water vehicles to let you run your business, it can be trucks, buses, trains, trams, airplanes, ships, maglevs, monorails, it does not matter, you have the choice.

All you need to remember though, is that Simutrans citizens and products don't simply jump in your vehicles and go to wherever you send them. They actually have individual destinations: people want to check out attractions, go shopping, or visit friends. Wares also have their destinations - factories have contracts with each other and won't sell or buy from anyone else. If you don't give them the possibility to go where they want, they will not use your transport company.

Your Game Style

You can challenge yourself in a normal game, trying to make your company successful and rich. Or you can just relax and have some fun playing with no hurry or money, just for your enjoyment and the satisfaction of transporting everything.

Whatever you transport affects city growth. Every unit of anything you transport will affect the nearby cities making them grow and prosper. Sometimes cities will create new attractions and places of interest, which attract a lot more passengers, or maybe your service may attract new industries, letting you explore even more profits.

The Map is Yours

The map is where you play and we know you would not like to feel constrained. On Simutrans you can choose from tiny to huge maps, change sea level, build rivers and lakes, plant and cut trees, build parks and cities, set the local climate, build factory chains, shape the terrain, or in better words, make the map yours.

Multiplayer Games

Simutrans can also be played with others on multiplayer games, be it online or through LAN. You can create or join a public server or play with your friends on a personal server. Compete and collaborate with people around the world.

Modding & Community

If you think a building could be added, or a new type of road should be available, or would like to create a totally different graphics set, you can. Simutrans lets you create objects with ease, just draw something and set its parameters and you have a new object to be used in Simutrans.

And if you need help, the community is there to help you. Simutrans is developed and supported by a community, that as a whole influences and develops the game. It's the community that keeps the game alive, and it's the community who mods the game.


Simutrans started as the dream of one person: Hansjörg Malthaner, also known as Hajo. He conceived Simutrans as a hobby project to learn C++ and object oriented programming in 1997. Since then Simutrans has grown to the project of a sizeable community of contributors and supporters who give life to the game.

In 2004 Hansjörg decided to retire from the main development, and since then the development has been in the hands of the Simutrans community. Each project, or part of the game, has its own coordinator. Thanks to the efforts of this community the development keeps going on.

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