Informativa sulla Privacy

Data Collected In-Game

No data is collected by the game, the game only connects to the internet for playing online and to download paksets.

Data Collected on Our Sites

We don't collect any data except the non-private data automatically sent by your browser (HTTP Headers) for statistics, performance and security reasons.

This data includes your browser version (user-agent), your languages, your IP address and some other information your browser has to send for our servers to understand and complete your request.

Data Collected by Our Forums

The only private data required to register in our forums is your email address, all other personally identifiable information that can be added is optional and it's only available if you deliberately want to share such information.

Cookies and Tracking

We don't track you. Most of our sites don't use cookies, some don't even use JavaScript, our forum uses cookies to keep you logged in.

Data Sharing

We don't share data with anyone.

3rd Parties

We don't use 3rd party services with the following exceptions.


Our web hosting provider PanamaCityPC maintains security steps to secure the servers that hold our data.

We also maintain our own security steps to secure all data, but as hobbyists we can't ensure that unauthorised access, alteration, or destruction of data will ever occur.

We may also not notice such breaches and if we ever end up noticing we may not be able to define what data has been tampered.

As such we highly recommend that you don't use a password you already use in other services, most especially don't use passwords from highly private services. It's recommended to use a password manager and generate a unique password for our forum.

Account Deletion

If you want to have your account deleted just create a new thread in our forums and we will eventually delete it. We can't promise any time-frame but that will probably take at maximum one week to be done.

Your replies and threads won't be removed and instead will be shown as made by a Guest so discussions can be preserved. Your username will also be preserved, so if you wish that it also be removed please let us know in the thread. If a post contains personal information that you wish to be removed, you can either edit it yourself before requesting account deletion or ask us in the account removal request thread.

Accounts without posts and that have not been used in more than one year may be deleted automatically without prior notification. You can always create a new account with the same details as the deleted one.

Server Location

All of our servers are located in the United State of America, kindly donated by PanamaCityPC. Our game servers listing is located in Germany.