Download the Simutrans logos and find out how to correctly use them following this guidelines. If you want more info for a better usage contact us in the forums.

Using the Simutrans logo

Do not modify the logos in any way if you want them to represent Simutrans or the Simutrans project, they can only be represented by these unmodified version.

Do not use the unmodified logos in a way that may confuse the user suggesting endorsement, supporting and/or sponsorship by Simutrans if we do not. The name Simutrans may be used in your project as long you respect Simutrans license.

For usages where the logo will have less than 50px/40pt/1.4cm/0.6in wide you must use the square logo or only the typography.

Always capitalize Simutrans name and do not use it in the possessive way, use it as an adjective.


All logos are under the Artistic License 2.0

Complete logoSVG - PNG
No background logoSVG - PNG
Square logoSVG - PNG
Full without textSVG - PNG
No back and textSVG - PNG
Typography onlySVG - PNG

Usage guidelines

You can:

  • Use these unmodified logos to represent the project
  • Add a not too dark drop shadow
  • Allow for at least the following space:
  • Full: 7% space for left and right, and 13% for top and bottom
  • No background: 7% space for left and right, and 17% for top and bottom
  • Square: 7% space for all directions
  • Full without text: 7% space for left and right, and 17% for top and bottom
  • No background and text: 7% space for left and right, and 22% for top and bottom
  • Typography: No space needed
  • *Percentage in relation of drawing size
  • Modify these logos for your projects respecting their licenses

You can't:

  • Use these unmodified logos to represent other projects
  • Rotate or change the direction of the logo
  • Include other objects in the logo
  • Change the objects placement
  • Change the logo colors
  • Animate the logo
  • Change the font


The fonts used in Simutrans logos are, Roadgeek 2005 Series EM for the word 'Simutrans', and Roadgeek 2005 Blend E5W for the word 'Nightly'. The fonts used in these websites are converted ttf versions of Roadgeek 2005 Blend B1B and Roadgeek 2005 Mittelschrift. All these fonts are available in Roadgeek package for download in: