Useful info, frequent questions and sites containing documentation and manuals that will help you to play and extend Simutrans.
  • Where can I find tutorials, guides and references?
  • Those are the main sites where you can find more help:
  • I'm having some trouble installing or running the game.
  • If you launch the game and nothing happens or some error shows, it is highly probable that there is something wrong with your installation. Any package contains at least of the executable and a graphics package. For information about how to install Simutrans on Windows, Linux, Haiku or Mac and common problems in the installation, check our wiki article.
  • What's a pakset (graphics package) and their differences?
  • Simutrans is a modular game. That means that the program itself is separate from the game data. This makes Simutrans very flexible. A 'pakset' is what we call the data set that Simutrans needs to run: it contains all the data for the graphics, the individual items (vehicles, roads, railways, buildings, etc.) and all of the balancing information (such as prices, speeds, capacities and so forth) necessary to make the game complete.

    They are called 'paksets' because all the files are packed (compressed) to save space. Some paksets are open source. Paksets also determine the size of the graphics used, this number is the height and width of one tile in pixels. This size generally is shown at the start of the pakset name, for instance pak64 have tiles with 64px, while pak128 have tiles with 128px. Some paksets don't show a number in their names, but they always state the size when describing the pak.

    Simutrans has a large and growing number of paksets, many with specific themes such as Pak96.Comic or Pak128.Britain. To find more about Simutrans many individual paksets, see Paksets.

  • Which is the standard pakset of Simutrans?
  • Simutrans is not bound to a specific scenario data; you can choose the paksets you want. But Simutrans development team considers Pak64 as the main and a base set for Simutrans, developed along with Simutrans executable.

    Pak64 always contains the most recent features and was the first to be developed. Currently Simutrans is being available in ready-to-play version with this pakset.

  • Why do features in pak128 or other pakset lag behind pak64?
  • Pak64 is considered as the main and base pakset, all the latest features that are incorporate when a version of Simutrans is released gets incorporated in pak64 before any other pakset.

    Pak128, and other paksets, has to wait for new features to be released before being able to incorporate them. Therefore, there can be a delay sometimes. Also each pakset have its update speed.