Simutrans 120.1.1

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Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are versions only for debugging and testing. These are built automatically from the state of the archives at 3:00 AM (CET).

They may contain changes which make your savegames unreadable by any official version, or bugs that will destroy your game, or not even run. They are for bug testing only.

Therefore, if you found a bug or a problem, please check how to report it in the report error page

Nightly Builds page

Makeobj 55.4

Makeobj is a tool for graphics/pakset developers and is not needed for playing the game.

Makeobj join both the image and the data files in a single compressed pak-file that will then be read by the game engine. Makeobj is only compatible with Linux, Windows, Haiku and BeOS.

Download Makeobj