Simutrans Brand

The Simutrans Team is responsible only for the following websites and brands: Simutrans, Simutrans Nightly, Simutrans Tikiwiki, Simutrans Wiki, Simutrans Team and Simutrans Community. We are only responsible for the following social media pages:

Simutrans is open-source and is under the Artistic License, as derivatives works may use or include the Simutrans name we - the Simutrans Team - cannot be responsible for any misbehavior from those other works.

Simutrans Team

Simutrans is maintained by a world-wide team of volunteers in our community: coders, pixel artists, writers, translators and bug testers. Also, we have volunteers who maintain the community and all its activities and resources, like sites, community forums, tools, resource libraries and so on.

Anyone that contributes in any form for Simutrans is considered part of the community, those that show extreme love and devotion win respect and memorable credits around our community.

This Website

This website is hosted by PanamaCityPC. The concept and creation were made by André Zanghelini (An_dz) with the help of the Simutrans Team and Community who proposed and gave incredible suggestions for the development.

Pages and CSS in these site were validated through W3C validator. This ensures the compatibility of the website among browsers. Only the main CSS was not validated because it uses the ::selection selector, which is an experimental feature but present in modern browsers.

You can download some resources used in the site, like Simutrans logos and the fonts used in the website and logo. Everything is available at resources page.